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Boarding rates at unbeatable prices

Take a look at the many amenities we offer to make sure your pet is comfortable during his stay at Country Lane Kennel.

Boarding rates at unbeatable prices for your pet

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DOGS  $19.00 a day*

Additional dogs in the same run $14.00 per day. Space permitting and the dogs must be compatible with each other.


CATS —  $10.00 a day (per cat)

Note: Pets that are picked up before 12 noon are not charged for that day


BATHS —  $12.00 (dogs)


NAIL TRIM —  $6.00 (dogs or cats)


SPECIAL DIETS —  $1.00 (per day)


MEDICATIONS: —  $1.00 (per day, prescription only in original container, this includes nutritional supplements)


TREAT TIME —  $2.00 (choose a treat to be given to your pet daily)


FUN/PLAY TIME —  $ 10.00 (15-minute session of one-on-one with staff member: playing ball, throwing frisbee, or just added attention)



  -  $10.00 (10-minute short walk about on retractable leash around the 25-acre field)

  -  $15.00 (25-minute long walk about on retractable lesh around 25-acre field with complimentary digital photo)


POOL TIME —  $10.00 (10-15 minute session - seasonal only)